ADT-1 Third Party Casting Issues

ADT-1 Third Party Casting Issues

As of late March 2016, Google rebranded their Chromecast platform as Google Cast[1]. With this change came a bunch of application updates across Android and iOS devices, but more, perhaps unseen, updates came streaming in. One of which, was the rebranding of the Google Cast Receiver application on Android TV devices.

In an earlier post, I detailed how to enable 3rd party application casting on ADT-1 devices. The update that landed on March 26th broke this functionality. After a bit of fiddling about, I figured it was best to just downgrade back to the latest working version of the Cast Receiver application.

Get adb access to your device

I wrote about enabling adb over TCP in the other ADT-1 article. If you don't have the luxury of

adb connect ip:port

ing to your ADT-1, break out the debug cable and get it connected to your PC.

Grab the latest working APK

I've tested the following APK which is the latest release before the March update that broke the cast functionalities.

Google Cast Receiver 1.17.46918

Installing the APK

Since your ADT-1 will have a later version of the cast receiver installed, we'll need to run adb install with the -d flag, that is,

adb install -r -d cast_receiver.apk

It'll take a few minutes, but you'll be left with a working cast receiver again. Phewf.

  1. Rebrand mention is in the last paragraph ↩︎