August 2015 update

August 2015 update

The end of summer looms ever closer, and although the warm weather is winding down day by day, preparation for my move overseas is ramping up. Here's where I'm at as of the end of August 2015.

50km closer to Osaka

Over the last weekend of August, I moved everything I have to my parents place up in Caledon. This will be my home until I head out, but it's less than a month away so it feels like I won't have enough time to properly settle in. Still readjusting to the rural life, but was able to enjoy an impromptu trip to the Forks of the Credit.

All packed up

I definitely accumulated a bunch of stuff over the years at my old place. Special thanks to my friends and family who helped me move and take my unused furniture, game consoles, and housewares!

Eligible for a visa, finally

After a bit of a nerve-wracking wait, I received the good news that the Japanese government had issued me the Certificate of Eligibility required for my visa application. It was hard to leave my apartment, buy a plane ticket, and arrange accommodations in Japan without knowing for sure that I'd be able to get a visa.


Next step is to actually apply for the visa, but I'll have to wait until I get the physical document from my school in a week or so.

School is paid for

I was able to make the wire transfer for two years of tuition. The exchange rate wasn't too bad, but as always, Royal Bank dinged me with some hefty[1] wire fees.

ひらがなとカタカナ study

I've started some micro-study sessions on the bus and train recently. I've been trying out an application called Kanji Study that gives you the ability to do flashcard style tests, as well as drawing drills. Getting stroke orders correct is important, and this app has been quite helpful. Katakana, Hiragana, and N5 kanji are all free- higher level JLPT kanji are availabile via in-app purchase.

Kanji study

September sneak peek

  • visa application
  • cancelling all my domestic services
  • more studying
  • flying out (:

  1. Royal Bank wire payments fee schedule ↩︎