Hello World

So I decided I needed a personal space on the internet. Somewhere I could share thoughts, ideas, tips & tricks, and anything else. I want to keep records for myself as well as letting other see what's on my mind. I will be posting about what I'm working on, and I might be dropping links to actually test some of my work.

Blogs are boring. That's why I didn't just set up a tumblr or register on blogger.com. Instead of using something that is already out there, I created my own software. Having a photostream as well as a blog displayed at the same time makes it way easier to see what you want. This way, photos or blog posts don't get bumped down as fast and things stay more organized. It also allows me to present things in a different way.

The future of this? Well, it isn't done and barely functions. Over the next bit I will be creating a user system as well as a commenting system. My portfolio will actually be accessible in the top menu and the rest of the links will do things too! The enjoy|smile logo will be in the middle of the topbar and the main blocks of content might start to look a little prettier. And the tags- just ignore them for now; the tags system isn't implemented yet!

Keep checking back!