In this super-short article, I will convince you to get and use a PRESTO Card.

It's Free*

*As a special incentive to our loyal customers, GO 10-ride and monthly pass users can get a PRESTO card at GO Train stations including Union Station, Union Station Bus Terminal and Yorkdale GO Bus Terminal and save the $6 card issuance fee. ... Post-secondary school students without a current 10-ride ticket or monthly pass may show their valid GO Transit Student ID to take advantage of this offer.

It Saves You Money

This graph describes my daily GO commute from Bramalea station to Union station.

Usage vs price graph

It Saves You, and Me Time

No more trying to cancel a 10 Ride in those god-awful green POP machines that try to eat your pass but spit it up without leaving some black ink indicating you have paid. No more waiting in long lines to pick up your 10 Ride or camping out to get your Monthly pass at the start of the month. No more being an asshole and paying cash-fare to get on a GO bus while the lineup behind you gets a pleasant sprinkling of Mother Nature.

So please, go out and get yourself one of these wonderful devices. Help our transit system emerge from the dark ages. Stop being an asshole, stop paying cash fare, kthx.