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Rice Krispies Player

The Rice Krispies Shareplayer was developed while working at MThirty Communications. The purpose was to create an interactive advertisement that will spread organically through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and various blogs.

Cover flow

This Shareplayer is made unique by the iTunes-like coverflow used for recipe navigation. This navigation was possible with an implementation of the PaperSprite class.


When a user clicks a recipe, the card flips, much like a common recipe card, and reveals the full printable and sharable recipe.


The Rice Krispies Shareplayer also hosts video recipes denoted by a play button overlay. Videos were streamed from external servers and featured full playback and volume controls.

Daniel De Sousa

Daniel De Sousa

I came to Japan in the Autumn of 2015, attended a Japanese language school, and now working in a space-related startup. If you think I can help with you with something, don't hesitate to email me.

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Rice Krispies Player
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